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5 Tips for Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

When asked to create landing pages for clients, we stop and think about what the user experience is when landing on the page. How did they arrive on the page? Did they click a paid search ad? Did they come...

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11 Secrets to a Successful Paid Search Campaign

WHAT IS PPC? Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of digital advertising and is based on the model that marketers only pay when someone clicks on their ad. PPC marketing ranges from digital display banners to paid search ads, sometimes referred...

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Why Video Length Matters

A quick guide to long and short-form video content I’m Kevin Stamps, I’m the director of the production department here at Foundry. Throughout my time here I’ve worked with clients on both large and small video and photography production. If...

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What is the Impact of Social Media on SEO?

Frequently, clients come to us asking what is the impact of social media on SEO? Does social media affect search rankings? Does Google rank articles differently based on social shares? Let’s dive into some of the data. In the 2019...

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How to Set Up and Execute an Integrated Marketing Campaign

The marketing landscape is constantly changing. Customers are getting more difficult to reach. The tactics that used to be the bread and butter of any type of marketing efforts are all but obsolete now. So maybe you’re a business that...

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Foundry Hires Digital Director

Digital marketing is in a constant state of flux. At Foundry, we are leaders in this ever-evolving marketing landscape. Prioritizing these digital efforts is not only important, but critical to our client's success. Today, we'd like to introduce our new...

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Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

Successful social media campaigns. We love them. We want them. But how do we build them? Just because your 14-year-old cousin amassed an impressive Instagram following in six months by winging it doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Your brand...

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Foundry Hires Director of Content

It’s no secret that photo and video content is making an impact on the marketing industry. Here at Foundry, remaining on the forefront of this ever-evolving landscape is not only important, but critical to our success and ultimately our clients...

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WE’RE HIRING! Account Coordinators, Artists, Copywriter

Do you thrive in creative, collaborative, fast-paced environments? Do you know your way around a catchy headline? Are you a Jedi when it comes juggling multiple projects and meeting tight deadlines? We are an award-winning advertising/PR/digital firm that is recognized...

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Kara Brown Joins Foundry as Chief Operating Officer

“Leaders inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.” – John Quincy Adams As a leading full-service marketing agency in Reno, we know how fundamental great leadership is to the success of our team. A great...

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