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One Year Down: A Year in Our New Offices

ONE YEAR DOWN It has officially been a year since we moved into our swanky new downtown digs in The Montage. The re-definition of our office space was a huge part of our rebranding process; we wanted to make sure...

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Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows Awarded Prestigious MAC Award

What’s the big deal? We’re thrilled to announce our efforts in collaboration with The Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows resulted in their recognition with the prestigious ‘Gold Award’ for Comprehensive Marketing Strategy at the Boys & Girls Clubs...

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Welcome to Foundry

Whether this is your first time hearing of us or you work with us in some capacity, I am excited to introduce you to the new brand. For those new to us, Foundry, formerly known as Bauserman Group, is an...

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To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag? The Dos and Dont’s of the 2016 Olympics

Hashtags are one of the strongest tools a company can use in a digital marketing campaign—they are free, easy to use, draw attention, promote content and create conversations. Developing a successful hashtag is marketing gold. They give your target audience...

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10 Examples of Businesses capitalizing on the Pokémon Craze.

If you haven’t experienced the Pokémon GO craze first-hand yet, we can almost guarantee your life has been touched by one of the estimated 7.5 million aspiring Pokémasters who are stumbling around neighborhoods, parks and malls on the hunt for...

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Death Star PR: Three Ways the Galactic Empire Could Have Benefited From Good (Even Decent) PR

Mos Eisely Spaceport, Tattooine (May 4, 2016)- One of my earliest memories is of watching Star Wars. To my innocent young mind everything about the galaxy far far away was black and white. Old Ben and Luke Skywalker were the...

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Insights: Yelp Success with Stacee Soter

In the last year, Stacee Soter has taken P.F. Chang’s Yelp rating from 3 stars to 4 stars and helped the local company begin to overcome the chain restaurant stereotype during the latest foodie trend. "Stacee is the type of...

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Putting the “Man” in “Bauserwoman” PR

Connor Christiansen joined the Foundry as a Public Relations intern in May 2015. Connor focuses on writing press releases, coordinating interviews and, his favorite, posting to online community calendars. Occasionally, we let Connor break out of the intern corner and...

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5 Ways to Up Your DSLR Photography Game

Many of my friends have purchased a DSLR camera, only to realize their photos look no better than their smartphone photos, so why carry around a bulky DSLR? Here’s my top 5 tips for new DSLR shooters. Megan had no...

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Super Bowl 50 Commercials Bring Their (Multi) Million Dollar Ideas

With the average Super Bowl commercial costing $166,666 per second, according to USA Today, advertisers did all they could to make every second count. Some were cute, some were funny, some were sobering, some were just, well, bad (we’re looking...

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